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charliecochrane [userpic]

The definitive (at present!) chronological list of Jonty and Orlando stories

May 4th, 2020 (11:58 am)

Early twentieth century:

Lessons in Love November 1905

Lessons in Desire August 1906

Lessons in Discovery November 1906

Lessons in Power Spring 1907

Lessons in Temptation July 1907

Lessons in Temptation missing scene July 1907

What the Mathematician said to the Statue Summer 1907

Lessons in Seduction September 1907

What the Mathematician said to the Engineer November 1907

My true love sent to me December 1907

My True Love sent to me postscript

Lessons in Trust Summer 1908

Resolution January 1909

Lessons for Suspicious Minds Summer 1909.

On the occasion of their anniversary November 1909

Wetting the baby's head missing scene, November 1909

Bloody Mathematicians Spring 1910

Lessons for Idle Tongues Summer 1910

May our days be merry and bright Winter 1910

A fit employment for a gentleman Summer 1912 (crossover 'fanfic')

Once we won matches Aug 1912

Ring in the New December 1913

Game of Chance 1916

All Lessons Learned Spring 1919

Lessons for Survivors, Autumn 1919

Lessons for Sleeping Dogs 1921

The Boy from Kings 1932

A random collection of silly things:

The Inadvertent Adventures of Johnny Stewart, Jonty's great-nephew.

Orlando's opinion on Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.

Pride, Prejudice and all the rest.

Drabbles 1 Edwardian

Drabbles 2 Edwardian

Splitting Infinitives Edwardian, crossover 'fanfic'

Ten plus five plus eight = twenty three Edwardian crossover 'fanfic'

Love Letters, 1911 to 2011

Lessons in Disco 2010

charliecochrane [userpic]

WWI commemoration - T E Lawrence

February 11th, 2016 (12:06 pm)

I rather like Douglas Adams' take on the famous LP Hartley quote about the past. Adams said, regarding time travel, "The past is now truly like a foreign country. They do things exactly the same there."

It never ceases to surprise me how things we think are modern phenomena simply aren't. The media circus surrounding public figures is a case in point. TE Lawrence suffered terribly at the hands of media intrusion; he couldn't even move into his cottage, Clouds Hill, when he finally left the RAF because of pressmen camped out there. He had to pull strings with his influential connections get a stop put to it.

The papers were obsessed with finding out where he was and what he was up to in his career, publishing their usual mixture of truth and lie(for example implying that he was doing nothing much in the way of proper duties) and making plenty of problems for the man. He had to leave his first RAF posting when he was 'outed' and was sent home from duties in India when the press suggested he'd been involved in an uprising in a neighbouring area.

Plus ca change?

charliecochrane [userpic]

Cambridge Fellows at bargain prices (and a freebie to come)

February 9th, 2016 (10:28 am)

Samhain have got a site wide sale on romance books, including the first eight Cambridge Fellows Mysteries. They really are as cheap as chips!

And on Sunday, there will be a little treat for Jonty and Orlando fans, in the form of a short story - Sauce for the Goose - in a free anthology from Love Lane Books, "Valentine Delights". Keep your eyes peeled for the link!

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Rainbow snippet - Don't Kiss the Vicar

February 7th, 2016 (08:59 pm)

I was on prayer duty at church this evening, so it seems appropriate to have a clerical snippet, from Don't Kiss the Vicar.

Once the pair of them had the church to themselves, Harry being the only one apart from the vicar allowed to come and go in the vestry at will, the old man stopped in mid-tidy, put his head to one side and said, “Don’t let Margaret get to you. She’d try the patience of Job himself.”
“She certainly wouldn’t be one of his comforters.” Dan hung up his vestments. “I appreciate the thought. I sometimes think she’s got in for me.”
“She’s got it in for everybody. If Our Lord turned up, she’d give Him an earful for being a long-haired leftie. And it isn’t just you,” Harry continued, weighing a hymnbook in his hands. “The previous vicar used to raise her ire because he was too fuddy-duddy, she said. Nobody could ever win with her. So don’t bother trying, that’s my advice. Be all things to all men, and you’ll be nothing to nobody.”

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First review of Jury of One - 4 stars

February 6th, 2016 (08:24 pm)

"I enjoyed the mystery element to this book, reminiscent of British murder mysteries like Midsommer Murders."

My work is done! Read more at Booklikes.

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Newsletter one hundred and forty four

February 5th, 2016 (02:52 pm)

Good afternoon all. I hope life is treating you well and that spring is starting to be sprung all around you.


I promised more news on “Broke Deep” (working title) when I had it – and here it is. The Porthkennack Universe will feature five authors (all of whom know each other and all of whom are daft as brushes) writing stories contemporary, historical and quite likely hysterical. I’m currently thrashing out the early stages of a story set in 1920 and, in my usual fly by the seat of my pants way I’m discovering a lot of things I never knew about the characters.

Great excitement this week when the author copies for Jury of One arrived. That’s out on March 21st and will be an early 39th birthday present for me. (There is a lie somewhere in this paragraph.)

Don’t forget you can win all sorts of Charlie stuff this month as well as next. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say.

And finally

Thinking of my historical story...
DSCN8152 copy

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WWI commemoration - T E Lawrence

February 4th, 2016 (09:14 pm)

Recently I picked up a second hand copy of The Letters of TE Lawrence. Such food for thought and such inspiration for blog posts!

When I talk about doing research, especially historical, I encourage people to get as close to source material as possible. Every time something passes through another person's hands it gets sifted, sorted, sometimes changed to suit that person's purposes. (Like Harold Owen producing an altered version of his brother Wilfred's citation for the MC.)

The previous impression I'd gained of Lawrence was from films and from a short biography I read, along with casual references in books about other people. It was a complete eye opener to see him via his own words and it's made me take some of the other things I'd "known" about him with a great pinch of salt. Even in his own lifetime people (mainly in the media) were making up a load of nonsense about him. Some of that nonsense persists, along with the inevitable conspiracy theories.

I also am now certain that the estate agent lied to us (there's a surprise!) when we went to see a house in Dibden Purlieu that he said had belonged to Lawrence. Lucky we didn't but it.

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Goodreads giveaway for Lessons in Love audio is live

February 4th, 2016 (12:56 pm)

I can't give away and audio book, so you get the download code as a bonus with the print version of Lessons in Desire!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane

Lessons in Desire

by Charlie Cochrane

Giveaway ends March 04, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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And don't forget the rafflecopter!

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Porthkennack universe is live!

February 3rd, 2016 (07:53 pm)

I'm delighted that we can now tell the world about the Porthkennack project. Five authors, stories historical and contemporary, and a whole world for us to create round the back of Padstow! I'm thrilled skinny to be contributing two novels.

charliecochrane [userpic]

It was a working lunch, honest!

February 3rd, 2016 (05:18 pm)

Liam Livings and I had our annual three hour lunch at The Pig in the Wall. It was scrumdiddleumptious and included vast quantities of jam and bread (don't ask).



We also dropped into the UK Meet 2016 venue


just to prove it wasn't all play!



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