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Dreamwidth and Wordpress and just making my life simpler

[sticky post] January 5th, 2017 (12:36 pm)

2017 will see me - hopefully - completing what I started in 2016, which is simplifying my online presence. My website address now relocates to my Wordpress site, where I also have an active blog, so the next step is to co-ordinate this blog and my dreamwidth one. Like many folk, I'll be heading to dreamwidth for my main blog, although I'll keep my mylodon presence for all things fandom.

Come and link up at Dreamwidth/Wordpress!

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The definitive (at present!) chronological list of Jonty and Orlando stories

May 4th, 2020 (11:58 am)

Early twentieth century:

Lessons in Love November 1905 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Desire August 1906 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Discovery  November 1906 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Power Spring 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Temptation July 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Temptation missing scene July 1907

What the Mathematician said to the Statue Summer 1907

Lessons in Seduction September 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

What the Mathematician said to the Engineer November 1907

My true love sent to me December 1907

My True Love sent to me postscript

Lessons in Trust Summer 1908 Re-issue coming soon!

Resolution January 1909

Lessons for Suspicious Minds Summer 1909.

On the occasion of their anniversary November 1909

Wetting the baby's head missing scene, November 1909

Bloody Mathematicians Spring 1910

Lessons for Idle Tongues Summer 1910

May our days be merry and bright Winter 1910

A fit employment for a gentleman Summer 1912 (crossover 'fanfic')

Once we won matches Aug 1912

Ring in the New December 1913

Game of Chance 1916

All Lessons Learned Spring 1919 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons for Survivors, Autumn 1919

Lessons for Sleeping Dogs 1921

The Boy from Kings 1932

A random collection of silly things:

The Inadvertent Adventures of Johnny Stewart, Jonty's great-nephew.

Orlando's opinion on Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.

Pride, Prejudice and all the rest.

Drabbles 1 Edwardian

Drabbles 2 Edwardian

Splitting Infinitives Edwardian, crossover 'fanfic'

Ten plus five plus eight = twenty three Edwardian crossover 'fanfic'

Love Letters, 1911 to 2011

Lessons in Disco 2010

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Bulldog Drummond

April 22nd, 2017 (03:15 pm)

I've just read my first Bulldog Drummond book - the first one Sapper wrote, to be precise. It wasn't too bad, as long as one accepts that it was a product of its time (nearly a hundred years ago).
What did I love best? The banter between the various ex-comrades. Several bits of it were exactly the sort of dialogue that would have got a modern reader saying, "Men didn't talk to each other like that in those days." Well, they did, obviously.
What surprised me? The repeated use of the expression "go gay", meaning doing something brave or taking decisive, uninhibited action.
Will I read another? I wouldn't rule it out, although I understand that this one was probably the best in the series so maybe not...

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Autism awareness blog hop - Toby's tale

April 21st, 2017 (05:04 pm)

Am delighted to take part in the annual blog hop to raise awareness of autism.

Today I'm sharing a true story about a boy called Toby (which is clearly not his real name). Toby is in his first year at school, and had a great time at Christmas playing one of the animals in the stable in the Nativity play. His parents had a good time, too, because when Toby was at pre-school he wasn’t allowed to take part in the Christmas production – in the pre-school’s eyes it would have been too much of a challenge. Toby has autism.

I can’t decide whether I’m sad or angry about the pre-school story. Of course, Toby needed help from an adult to be able to be part of the Nativity play in school, like he needs some extra help in class to be able to access all the curriculum, and that “all” must include things which aren’t English and Maths, or else where is the richness of his education or the education of children like him? Because Toby isn’t the only child I’ve heard about who’s been denied the chance to do something because he’s not quite like the other children.

Schools in England are supposed to have a Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) and a special needs policy. They will contain things like:

·         Children with SEND will have access to the appropriate resources needed to help them make progress.

·         The school curriculum is reviewed to ensure that it promotes the inclusion of all pupils. The school will seek advice about individual children, with external agencies when appropriate.

Trouble is that the policy doesn’t always match the practice, and the reality of school life isn’t as open and welcoming as it should be, nor are staff so willing to make the reasonable adjustments they should. Other parents can get tetchy that children with autism or other needs are receiving what they perceive as favourable treatment. Budgets are tight, so unless pupils have been given dedicated funding the extra support may drain other provision.

I may be being controversial, but I’d say that the impact of budgets isn’t as important as the impact of what lies between people’s ears. Many adjustments cost very little if anything at all – they’re about attitudes and whether your school staff have a “that child can’t do that” or a “how can we enable the child to do that” outlook.


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Hooray for the young players called up by England!

April 20th, 2017 (01:15 pm)

Yesterday was exciting enough (I confess I was literally jumping up and down and cheering when the English players in the Lions squad got named) but today we had the England squad to go to South America. So many young men who we've seen play for their clubs - or for the country at under 20s level. We predicted Iziekwe and Marchant would be in but not the Curry twins. Have identical twins ever turned out for the senior England team and will they ever do that?

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What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book?

April 18th, 2017 (08:32 pm)

When that question came through from Goodreads I thought, "Nothing at all." And then I remembered my great great grandfather, who was born in 1848 (we go back a long way very quickly on the maternal line of my family.) Who his father was, we're not sure. It might have been the man his mother eventually married, who appeared to be a lodger in the house, but I have some wild theories - none of which I have any evidence for, naturally.

GGF's name was Robert Osmond (possibly Osment) Bowstead Gaff, which is an unusually elaborate name, and while Robert crops up all over the place on the family tree, the other two elements don't. I have a theory that Osmond Bowstead is the clue to my GGGF's identity. (I think Robert's mother may have been in service at some point. Did an indiscretion happen with one of the guests?)

Mystery indeed.

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Henry V and Richard Courtenay

April 16th, 2017 (11:26 am)

As promised to Elin Gregory, scans of the recent Daily Telegraph article casting new light on everyone's favourite action man king. I can send people the originals if these aren't too legible.

TG scan 1 001

TG scan 2 001

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Newsletter 173

April 14th, 2017 (04:32 pm)

This must be spring as the blossom is out, as are the bluebells, but the weather has turned distinctly autumnal. Ah, what would be Brits have to talk about if it wasn’t for our four-seasons-in-one-day climate?


The were-sloths have landed for newsletter subscribers. I’ve updated the story slightly from its original incarnation; it made me realise nothing dates a story quite so much as contemporary references. And I've added a postscript about the boys. I'll put them on my website in a fortnight.

There’s a new review of Wild Bells over at Love Bytes. Always good when someone enjoys your writing.

The third Lindenshaw mystery (working title “Two Feet Under”) is “go”. Just waiting for the release date to be finalised and I’ll share that here. Here’s an unedited snippet:

Adam put his mug on the table. Might as well take advantage of the offer because who knew when they’d get the chance again? Murders meant long hours, late nights, and knackered policemen whose thoughts were too tired to get into their pants. He leaned in for a smacker of a kiss.

“That was good. For starters.” Robin’s lascivious grin could have turned the iciest libido to butter. “What about—”

Once more Robin’s phone interrupted them just as things were getting interesting.

“Sorry,” he said, picking the thing up off the table.

“I told you to stop saying that.” Adam forced a grin, knowing that a second call so hard on the heels of the first couldn’t be good news and surely meant a return to the station.

“Oh, hi.” Robin halted halfway to the door. “How’s life?” Not the station, by the sound of it. “Yes, if we can. Depends what it is.” Robin mouthed what looked like the name “Anderson”. Hopefully this was just a social call from his old sergeant that could soon be dealt with, letting them get back to the matter in hand.

“Bloody hell!” Robin sat down heavily in the armchair. “When? Why?”

Adam, infuriated at only hearing half the conversation, helped himself to a consolatory biscuit. The worried expression on Robin’s face, and the way he’d settled into his chair suggested he was in for the long haul. As it turned out, the call was surprisingly short, with Robin saying, “Okay, I think that’ll be alright, so long as it’s short term,” then making a helpless gesture at Adam.

“What the hell’s going on?” Adam mouthed, but his partner simply gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes. Things had to be bad.

“I guess you got that was Anderson,” Robin said as the call ended.

“Yeah. Sounded ominous, whatever it was.”

“It is. Helen’s chucked him out.”

And finally, a snap from Cochrane Towers to prove that it must really be spring!



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World War 1 commemoration - A Song for Will

April 11th, 2017 (05:10 pm)

I'm a great fan of the series of books which started with "Where the Poppies Now Grow", so I was both delighted and moved to find this gem from the creators:

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Bold Strokes Event

April 10th, 2017 (04:32 pm)

Can't make it this year (shall be on Jersey) but if it's as good as last year's event, it'll be a corker.


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