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Not quite a 5 sentence mystery

May 8th, 2017 (02:34 pm)

Inspired by a first line prompt, though. It just never grew beyond a limerick.

Nobody should wake up this sticky.
The feeling’s decidedly icky.
Was it jam in the bed?
Or Orlando instead?
Whichever, I’m pulling a sicky!

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Sizzling Summer Reads party at TRR

May 7th, 2017 (07:08 pm)

It runs all through June and there are a gazillion (count 'em!) prizes to be won including one from yours truly.


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Another Mystery Week 5 sentence mystery

May 6th, 2017 (08:05 pm)

OK, this is technically 6 sentences, but I'm not including the 'seeding one' I was given.

Orlando fumed: it literally just wasn't cricket - so unfair of Jonty not to play by the rules.

“Mitigating circumstances,” Jonty pleaded, “interest of the nation and all that.”

“And pray, how can it be in the interest of the nation for you to give a batsman out leg before wicket when the ball was clearly both too high and missing leg stump?”

“You know that Fry’s always up to something mysterious; he had to get away a bit sharpish so rather than force him into the disgrace of giving away his wicket I let him depart with dignity.”

“I wasn’t referring to his dismissal,” Orlando said, glancing at his newly oiled bat, which hadn’t been allowed to see its full usage.



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World war one commemoration/Mystery week combined

May 5th, 2017 (07:32 pm)

I'm sure there are a number of mystery/crime books set in WWI but my poor old brain can only think of one, but it's a good 'un.

I read Andrew Martin's The Somme Stations a couple of years ago and enjoyed it hugely. He writes a cracking mystery, does Mr. Martin, and the Jim Stringer books are always entertaining.


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The exciting places mystery authors go...

May 4th, 2017 (08:01 pm)

...at least online. I'm doing some edits for the third Lindenshaw book so am happily poking around on the Crown Prosecution service site. I dread anyone looking at my browsing history.


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Goodreads mystery week – another 5 sentence mystery

May 3rd, 2017 (08:42 pm)

Many thanks to Jane Wickenden for the first sentence...
“Marmalade? I don't know what you're talking about."
“Yes you do, Orlando – sticky stuff, full of orange peel – the sort of thing you have all over your face right now, despite the fact you swore there was none in the house.”
“Ah, well, you see I discovered it was simply an optical illusion and there was just the merest smidgeon lurking at the bottom.”
“Sounds like a Sherlock Holmes story,” Jonty snorted, “the Mystery of the Not Empty Jar.”
“More like ‘The Mystery of how I ended up with you’,” Orlando muttered, although he made sure he snaffled the last piece of marmalade laden toast.

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Goodreads mystery week - 5 sentence mystery

May 2nd, 2017 (08:04 pm)

In honour of #MysteryWeek,  here's a story in just five sentences.
Orlando Coppersmith felt better once the room had stopped spinning, an unusual habit it had taken to adopting whenever he imbibed more than a pint;  why had he let himself be talked into a third glass of stout, and why was there a dead body on the floor of his study?
He wasn't so sozzled that he'd have forgotten committing a murder, so which rotten swine had done the deed and left the corpse for him to - literally - trip over, splitting his trouser seam and an infinitive in the process?
The arrival of Jonty Stewart, with a, "Sorry, mea culpa," did nothing to ease Orlando's distress, given the possibility his partner had turned murderer.
"Tailor's dummy, new suit for the adjusting of," Jonty continued, hefting the thing off the floor, "Lavinia's idea, so blame her."
Orlando, jaw working up and down although nothing but beer fumes coming out of it, was left to curse the combined powers of Lavinia, Jonty and a quart and a half of Guinness.

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Mystery week at Goodreads

May 1st, 2017 (07:42 pm)

Lots of grand stuff going on - look for the #MysteryWeek tags on social media. And if you feel like dropping over to Goodreads and asking me a question or three, bring 'em on!

And here's an appropriate #MysteryWeek picture. Deadly Dames (and chevalier) ready for battle.

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Wanna free shifter story?

April 29th, 2017 (04:46 pm)

And its sequel. You can find it here along with a sackload of other free stuff.

Here's a very nice sloth I made acquaintance with last month. Alas, he wouldn't fit in my bag.

2017-03-24 12.34.42

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Newsletter 174

April 28th, 2017 (02:57 pm)

Are any of you fans of the inimitable Flanders and Swann? (If you’re not, look them up on youtube. So funny, so British.) They have a song about the weather including the lines: Farmers fear unkindly May, Frost by night and hail by day. Which shows that the climate was just as naff 50 odd years ago as now.


The next Lindenshaw story, Two Feet Under (working title) is scheduled  for the new year. So the current Charlie-releases-schedule looks like this:

June 5th 2017 Broke Deep (Porthkennack universe contemporary gay romance) October 16th 2017 Count the Shells (Porthkennack universe historical gay romance) 8th January 2018 Two Feet Under (Lindenshaw mysteries book 3)

There’s also the re-release of the first 8 Cambridge Fellows books on the horizon – dates to be confirmed - and a Cambridge fellows novella I really need to shoehorn in.

The were-sloths are now available for general download at my website. Or, to clarify, the story about them is; no actual weresloths were injured in this process.

I’ve booked to be part of Selsey Authors, which I had to pull out of last year at the last moment due to a family minor crisis so am determined to be there in 2017.

Here’s a bit from that Cambridge Fellows novella that I need to sort out a release date for.

Cambridge 1922

“Owens? Owens?” Orlando Coppersmith’s voice sounded louder and clearer from his chair in the Senior Common Room at St Bride’s than it had ever sounded before, and with good cause.

“Steady on, old man. We’re in enough of a state of shock without you making sufficient noise to wake the dead.” Jonty Stewart smiled at his friend’s uncharacteristic outburst, although friendship would hardly be the most accurate way to describe their relationship. Even the description “lovers, companions, colleagues and partners in solving crime” didn’t quite cover the depth of the bond they’d build up in nigh on twenty years.

“Or wake some of the dons,” Dr. Panesar agreed, mischievously.

“Good point, Dr. P.” Jonty sniggered. “Some of them look like they’ve been asleep since 1913.”

St. Bride’s may have been one of the most forward looking of the Cambridge colleges, embracing the fact the year was 1922 rather than pretending it was still 1622, but some aspects of the university, including crusty old dons, seemed to be an immutable fixture.

“In which case,” Orlando pointed out, “we’d have ten years of history to explain to them, much of it unpleasant, let alone this latest scandal. Being asked to defend Owens. What is the world coming to?”

And finally, we're having our first UK Meet 2018 planning meeting on Sunday, so here's a nostalgic picture from the 2016 event to inspire me to get my thinking cap on.

DSC_0047 copy