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charliecochrane [userpic]

Dreamwidth and Wordpress and just making my life simpler

[sticky post] January 5th, 2017 (12:36 pm)

2017 will see me - hopefully - completing what I started in 2016, which is simplifying my online presence. My website address now relocates to my Wordpress site, where I also have an active blog, so the next step is to co-ordinate this blog and my dreamwidth one. Like many folk, I'll be heading to dreamwidth for my main blog, although I'll keep my mylodon presence for all things fandom.

Come and link up at Dreamwidth/Wordpress!

charliecochrane [userpic]

The definitive (at present!) chronological list of Jonty and Orlando stories

May 4th, 2020 (11:58 am)

Early twentieth century:

Lessons in Love November 1905 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Desire August 1906 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Discovery  November 1906 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Power Spring 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Temptation July 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons in Temptation missing scene July 1907

What the Mathematician said to the Statue Summer 1907

Lessons in Seduction September 1907 Re-issue coming soon!

What the Mathematician said to the Engineer November 1907

My true love sent to me December 1907

My True Love sent to me postscript

Lessons in Trust Summer 1908 Re-issue coming soon!

Resolution January 1909

Lessons for Suspicious Minds Summer 1909.

On the occasion of their anniversary November 1909

Wetting the baby's head missing scene, November 1909

Bloody Mathematicians Spring 1910

Lessons for Idle Tongues Summer 1910

May our days be merry and bright Winter 1910

A fit employment for a gentleman Summer 1912 (crossover 'fanfic')

Once we won matches Aug 1912

Ring in the New December 1913

Game of Chance 1916

All Lessons Learned Spring 1919 Re-issue coming soon!

Lessons for Survivors, Autumn 1919

Lessons for Sleeping Dogs 1921

The Boy from Kings 1932

A random collection of silly things:

The Inadvertent Adventures of Johnny Stewart, Jonty's great-nephew.

Orlando's opinion on Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.

Pride, Prejudice and all the rest.

Drabbles 1 Edwardian

Drabbles 2 Edwardian

Splitting Infinitives Edwardian, crossover 'fanfic'

Ten plus five plus eight = twenty three Edwardian crossover 'fanfic'

Love Letters, 1911 to 2011

Lessons in Disco 2010

charliecochrane [userpic]

Having a grand day

March 23rd, 2018 (03:15 pm)

Have had some smashing cards and pressies, including this epic badge from Mr C.

However, it's sometimes the unexpected 'gifts' which raise a smile. Like an article on Walter Tull or Lord Peter Wimsey on the radio.

charliecochrane [userpic]

Dinosaur horns may have been part of the mating game, or maybe not

March 21st, 2018 (01:02 pm)

Despite the screaming headlines on the BBC site about Triceratops developing horns to attract a mate, the study's actual conclusions are slightly different.

If sexual selection is indeed the process behind the unique ornamentation of ceratopsians, it points to a set of conditions acting upon ceratopsians without obvious parallel in extant taxa. ... Some support has been found for this in the positively allometric growth patterns of the ceratopsian Protoceratops, and the patterns of ornament divergence seen in Ceratopsia are similar to those seen in the sexually selected horns of the scarab beetle genus Onthophagus .

If you want the full paper, it's here: Patterns of divergence in the morphology of ceratopsian dinosaurs: sympatry is not a driver of ornament evolution

charliecochrane [userpic]

Lessons in Chasing the wild goose - a new novella length adventure for the Cambridge Fellows - is ou

March 19th, 2018 (12:37 pm)

From amazon.uk and .com and all the variations thereof, in print and kindle.


Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith like nothing more than being handed a mystery to solve. But why would anybody murder a man with no enemies? And was it murder in the first place?

Cambridge 1922

Autumn in England is lovely enough, a palette of red and orange hues painting the trees and bushes, but autumn in Cambridge is perfection. Especially in the last few weeks of freedom before the dunderheads appear. And autumn in the Fellows’ Garden of St. Bride’s college seemed to have reached perfection this year, with a profusion of ornamental shrubs and small flowers—which Orlando Coppersmith couldn’t quite put a name to—twinkling beneath the trees. What he could put a name to was the colour of the sky, although no artist would recognise the term “Jonty Stewart’s eyes blue”. Yet that was exactly the shade the heavens had adorned themselves in.
The colour of the sky had prompted his visit to the garden, en route home from taking part in some “frightfully important and totally incomprehensible mathematical stuff” as Jonty would have termed it. Why not spend a few minutes in a place which had played a significant role in his burgeoning relationship with Jonty, sixteen years previously? The fact that he could sit on a bench and rest his aching legs for a while wasn’t lost on him, either. Why on earth had he agreed to take part in a late season cricket match, especially one against a team of such notable batsmen? Even Jonty’s wily spin had been to little avail, although he’d not had to go haring after the ball to all corners of the field, having inveigled himself into a place in the slips where running would be at a minimum.
Still, Orlando wasn’t going to complain: that would be conduct unbecoming of a Professor of Applied Mathematics and, worse than that, Jonty would rib him for it. Jonty, whom Orlando realised with a jolt, was not fifty yards down the path and might well be heading in his direction. He quickly produced a set of papers from his briefcase and contrived an air of intense concentration.
“I wondered if I’d find you here.” Jonty’s voice sounded through the railings of the gate he was poised to open.
Orlando looked up, as though completely surprised. “Oh, hello. I was trying to find a moment’s peace.” He waved the papers.
“Sorry. Didn’t realise you were hard at work with your sums. I thought you might be sunbathing. Or resting your legs after the cricket.” Jonty, having closed the gate carefully behind him, plonked his backside two feet along the bench.
“Why exactly did you think I might be here?” Orlando asked, neatly sidestepping the aching legs issue.
“You were seen by Swann, that rather nice new porter. Limping along—you, not him, and his words, not mine—in this general direction. I deduced,” Jonty grinned at the word, “that you’d not make it all the way home so would likely seek a few minutes of repose. And what nicer place could a man find to repose in than this?”
“That last point is indisputable,” Orlando conceded. “Although I’ll take issue with ‘limping’. I merely had a stone in my shoe at the time and had to find a suitable place in which to remove it. I have killed two birds with the proverbial stone.” He brandished the papers again, having realised he’d contradicted his earlier statement.
“You’re not very good at telling fibs, so I don’t know why you bother.” Jonty gazed up at the sky. “What a beautiful day. God’s in a very blue heaven and all is right with the world. Have you had a good morning?”
“Excellent, thank you.” Orlando slipped the papers back into his briefcase—what was the use of pretence? “You?”
“Pretty good. All set for the arrival of the dreaded dunderheads. I see the college staff are fumigating the rooms and nailing down anything pawnable in preparation.” Jonty narrowed his eyes then sighed. “All we need now is a case. I think I’ve sufficiently recovered from the last one.”
“I’m not sure I’ll ever recover.” Orlando rolled his eyes. Being asked to defend one’s deadliest enemy on a charge of murder, and in circumstances where on first impressions he appeared to be as guilty as sin, would have tried the patience of any man.

charliecochrane [userpic]

Charlie's newsletter

March 16th, 2018 (03:12 pm)

Hello all. Since I last posted one of these I’ve crossed into the Arctic circle, seen both a killer and pilot whales, trudged around in minus 18 degrees C (with wind chill on top) and – best of all – seen the Northern lights. On two successive nights! No wonder I’m still grinning from ear to ear.


I'm delighted to announce that All Lessons Learned is now available from Endeavour. Like the other books in the series, print versions are being rolled out alongside the kindle ones. There is also (early stages!) the possibility of audio books and large print versions.

Lessons in Chasing the Wild Goose goes live on Monday and there’ll be a print version at the same time. If the wind blows in the right direction.

I’ve been interviewed at Rainbow Gold Reviews, and am bearing gifts (backlist e-book). If you want to know what I wanted to do when I was younger or see the answers to their other cool questions (or enter the competition) do drop in.

It’s all been a bit mad in our genre recently, so am offering some light relief in the form of a short – and very silly – Cambridge Fellows story which was written by me and my mate Jaccers (huge cricket fan and all round good egg) many moons ago but which has been let out of the dungeon and dusted off. You can find it on my free fiction page, until the title “Twas but a dreame of thee”.

Orlando felt better once the room had stopped spinning, a habit it had taken to adopting whenever he had imbibed more than a pint of beer. He felt rather perturbed and not a little anxious; suddenly the relatively short distance between his bedroom and the bathroom seemed a void without measure. Sleep on the settee could be the solution, shortening the distance by half, but nightclothes were an impossibility (requiring an inordinate amount of co-ordination he didn’t possess at present) so he decided to sleep in his shirt and underwear. He knew his mother would have been horrified at anything so slovenly, but he elected to retain his vest as a small concession.
His fitful slumbers, uneasily reached as the pie sped around his alimentary canal, were ended by a rat-tat-tatting on his door. He knew who it would be, of course—only one person was quite so determined and such a bloody nuisance with it. It felt like three o’clock in the morning, but his eyes persuaded him that there was sufficient light to make it seven or eight, so murder of said pest would have to wait till another day when it would be more justified.
He opened the door with a gruff, “This had better be worthwhile, Jonty,” only to be stopped short by the vision he encountered.
Jonty was dressed in the most gorgeous red slashed velvet doublet that Orlando had ever seen. Not that he had seen that many, except in Elizabethan portraits. A vague memory of a discussion the night before about a Tudor themed day in the English department swam through the murky waters of his brain. Jonty had obviously obtained a spectacular costume—probably employing his mother’s influence—and was trying it out. In that it was proving a great success, making Orlando grow very hot under the collar. Only he seemed not to be wearing a collar, which was odd, given that he’d gone to sleep in his short without removing it.
“John, what a sight thou art! Did the ale not agree with thee? A pint or two more than was wise, sir?” A huge grin broke over Jonty’s face and he strode into the room, seating himself in front of the fire and poking it into life.
Orlando smiled at the period speech, even if he was disconcerted at being addressed by a different name. He was about to make a witty riposte when he noticed Jonty’s wig. A very authentic looking hairpiece, with long blonde locks that set off the man’s handsome features well and added to the Tudor appearance.
Two could play at this game.

And finally, the lights – not my picture but taken by the lads from GLOD explorers of the lights we saw from the ship.



charliecochrane [userpic]

Print version of Lessons in Chasing the Wild Goose

March 15th, 2018 (12:15 pm)

Fingers crossed it'll be ready on Monday, for when the e-book comes out. Also have fingers crossed that I'll have a free Jonty/Orlando story to share with you sometime over the next few days. Beware - it's very silly.


charliecochrane [userpic]

Fancy winning one of my books?

March 13th, 2018 (08:22 pm)

Have got a contest on at Coffee Time Romance to win an e-book/print/audio book of winner's choice from my catalogue.

(They seem to think I'm a 'he' despite me pointing out otherwise...you lot all know I'm not!)

charliecochrane [userpic]

World war one commemoration - rugby remembers

March 11th, 2018 (07:24 pm)

Given that it's Six Nations time of year it seems apt to think of the many ways in which the rugby community has been commemorating its fallen. The RFU website has useful links to resources and items of interest including this tribute to the 27 England Internationals who died.

charliecochrane [userpic]

Safe and sound at home again

March 9th, 2018 (12:16 pm)

and with decent internet, so I can at last post the video of me looking like a dork because I'm actually in the Arctic circle. You can find it here.

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