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charliecochrane [userpic]

Next Cambridge Fellows novella hull up on the horizon!

August 14th, 2019 (07:19 pm)

(You can tell I've been re-watching Master and Commander...)

It's less than a fortnight until the next CF romantic mystery - Lessons in Playing a Murderous Tune - gets let loose on the world. To answer a question I've had a couple of times, yes, there will be a print version but at present I am so busy with having-to-be-adult-and-responsible-type-stuff that writing life is a bit on hold. This too will pass and normal service be resumed at some point.

Orlando Coppersmith is called in to solve not one but two problems: a suspected murder and a mysterious violin. So why is he reluctant to take the case - is it because it came from the warden of his old college? Once more, it's up to Jonty Stewart to get his partner through the challenge and employ their own, unique, way to finding a solution.


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